Skip a Pay

Free up some cash with myHFFCU's Skip a Pay program!

When should you sign up for Skip a Pay?

Skip one month of your payment when life throws you something unpredictable. Whether it is a water heater repair or a family vacation that almost broke the bank, myHFFCU is here to ease your payment woes.

Skip a Pay Facts:

  • Opt-in to Skip a Pay with a $35 fee
  • Your account must have enough funds to cover the processing fee of $35
  • Your loan may not be past due
  • Real Estate loans are not eligible for Skip-a-Pay
  • One Skip-a-Pay is allowed per loan per 6 months

Get a Break from a loan payment. 

Please give us member services a call at (860) 246-5236. 

  • Easy opt-in
  • Helps with loan payments
  • Free up extra cash