Pet Insurance

What is Pet Insurance?

Provides reimbursement for covered veterinary care including accidents, illnesses, cancer, hereditary  

conditions, behavioral issues, and dental disease based on the plan type selected 

Account Types

Draft, Share Draft, Credit Card  


All Dogs and Cats 8 weeks old and up are eligible for coverage 

No upfront underwriting required for enrollment 


  • Reimbursement options of 70%, 80% or 90% 
  • Annual limit options ranging from $2500 and above 
  • Choice of $100, $250, or $500 annual deductible 
  • Preventive care can be added for a low additional cost 
  • Accident only coverage available 
  • Insurance can be used for treatment at any licensed veterinary clinic in the U.S. or Canada 

Additional Features 

Rates are not affected by the health history of the pet 

Direct deposit available for reimbursements 

10% multiple pet discount  

*30-day money back guarantee if no claims are covered 


As with all insurance programs, some exclusions apply which are detailed in the Policy of Insurance.  

*Not available in all states. New York members receive pro rata refunds


Q. Is the amount paid directly to the

A. No. Claims are submitted online, email, mail or fax.
Reimbursements are directly deposited into your bank
account or mailed to you by check.

Q. Are Pre-existing conditions covered?

A. No. However, an injury or illness that is cured with
no symptoms or treatments for 180 days can be
covered in the future.

Q. If a pet has a pre-existing knee or
ligament issues will they be covered?

A. No. All future knee and ligament issues will not be

Q. Is there any upfront underwriting required?

A. No there is no upfront underwriting required for

Q. Can I be turned down for this insurance?

A. No.

Q. Is there an age cut off for my pet?

A. No. All dogs and cats 8 weeks old and up are eligible for coverage.

Q. Can I add a pet to my account?

A. Yes. You can add as many pets to your account as you’d like. With two or more pets on your account you can qualify for a discount.

Q. When does my coverage go into effect?

A. The Base plan coverage starts on the 15th day after the policy effective date, and coverage for Preventive Care starts the day after the policy effective date.