Member Loyalty Program

Member Loyalty Program:

Discounted Consumer Loans for each year of your membership!

At HFFCU, we want to say thank you for your membership and loyalty. Membership does have its benefits, so for the month of January, we want to reward you for each year of membership you have acquired.

For every year, we are offering .05% off of any Auto (New or Used) and any personal loan. You apply this discount to our current rates and the result is your own personal Member Loyalty Rate. This could add up to a maximum of 1.00% off!

Apply this discount to a new or used car or personal loan. Hartford Firefighters Federal Credit Union has been responding first to Hartford firefighters and their families for over 70 years. Start the New Year with our loyalty program on any consumer loan!

Example of a Discounted Loan Savings:

1 year  of membership = .05%

5 years of membership = .25%

10 years of membership = .50%

20 years of membership = 1.00%

*Excludes Real Estate and Visa programs
**Minimum 1 year of membership, max. 1.00% off