Courtesy Pay

Protect your checking account and manage your personal finances with $500.00 of Overdraft Protection on your checking account!

All members are eligible for Courtesy Pay; opt-in is required.

Speak to a member service representative for more information.

We recognize that, even under the Credit Union’s discretionary pay- An overdraft occurs when a check, debit best of circumstances, mistakes or events happen which could result in an account being overdrawn. Our Overdraft program, also referred to as Courtesy Pay, is a non- contractual service which allows overdrafts for those a card, ATM or other electronic transaction counts maintained in good stand- is presented to the Credit Union.

There is no charge to have balance in your account is insufficient to Courtesy Pay available with your settle the transaction, or funds account; however, a $32 fee is previously deposited have not been charged each time you utilize the made available. In the past, a transaction service. That resulted in Insufficient funds, was returned and you were charged a fee from both the Credit Union ($39) and the other party’s bank.

With Courtesy Pay, we will only charge you $32, and we will clear the transaction, thus saving you the fee from the other financial institution. All Courtesy pay limits are $500.