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Type APR *as low as Conditions Term
New Vehicle 2.25% 24 to 60 mos
New Vehicle 3.75% >15,000 up to 72 mos
New Vehicle 4.25% >30,000 84 mos
Used Vehicle 4.25% up to 5 years old up to 48 mos
RV New 8.00% 80% of appraised up to 144 mos
RV Used 10.25% >80% of appraised up to 144 mos

GAP Insurance

Strengthen your Auto Policy with GAP insurance. Available for new or used vehicle loans, GAP protection covers the difference in the balance on a car when an accident happens.

Extended Warranty

Protect your prized possession! Supplement your manufacturer’s warranty by providing services like towing, rental reimbursement, and repair costs after your warranty expires.


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AutoLink offers great benefits when looking for a new or used vehicle. Browse local car options and see how much you can save!

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  • Member Discounts

Fuel Economy Guide

The EPA has released a new fuel economy guide for 2021. Learn how you can save fuel economy during the winter months and beyond! Visit the EPA website below for great tips and information on how to save money when you fuel up your car.